SnoreBeGone® Sleep Positioning System

Our 3 Year Warranty for SnoreBeGone®:

Protect·A·Bed® SnoreBeGone® Sleep Positioning System is under warranty for 3 years against fabric and manufacturing defects. See Terms and Conditions.

3 Year Warranty

Quality MarkProtect·A·Bed® products are independently quality tested in Australia by textile technologists David J Heffer & Associates.

Oeko-texProtect·A·Bed® products have been tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

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Sleep positioning system your partner will love!


You’ll wake up refreshed and energised from a sleep that actually restores your body with optimal oxygen, minimised stress and genuine comfort.

About SnoreBeGone® Sleep Positioning System

SnoreBeGone® is a Sleep Positioning System that is used to reduce the incidence of snoring. Over 30% of Australians snore.[1] Snoring often causes significant sleep deprivation affecting overall health and well-being. It can impact lives causing daytime drowsiness and reduced concentration. Bed partners are also significantly affected.[2] 

How SnoreBeGone® Works

SnoreBeGone® Sleep Positioning System positions the body to overcome contributing factors that can cause or increase the likeliness of snoring including:

- Sleeping on one’s back

- Relaxed throat muscles due to ageing

SnoreBeGone® unique design addresses the problems associated with snoring by:

• Supporting the entire body not just shoulders and neck

• Elevating the body; the elevation needed to prevent gravitational collapse of airways

• Ergonomic design to maintain correct posture – ensuring spine and shoulders remain at right angles

• Design encourages side sleeping and prevents sleeping on back (leaving air passages open to breathe easier)

• The weight of the body holds the Sleep Positioning System in place, while allowing a left or right lateral position for sleep

• Recess channel provides space for shoulder and arm to rest stress-free

• Detachable and adjustable headrest ensures optimal comfort

• Detachable armrests ensure arms can lay flat and relaxed (for added comfort when extending the arm)



3 Year Guarantee

SnoreBeGone® Sleep Positioning System offers 3 year Product Guarantee provided Stainproofing Protector is fitted at all times.

For further information, please download and read our product brochure here.

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