SnoreBeGone® Sleep Positioning System

Snore Be Gone<sup>®</sup>


  • Supportive sleep-positioning
  • Sculpted foam form
  • Adjustable height head rest
  • Detachable arm rests
  • Luxuriously soft Tencel® protector
  • 3 Year Product Guarantee

Snore Be Gone®

The SnoreBeGone® Sleep Positioning System supports your body and helps maintain a side sleeping posture which can reduce snoring. You’ll wake refreshed and energised, having had sleep that restores your body with minimised stress and real comfort.


Sizing Chart

Available in these sizes:

ProductWeight Supported
Sleep System Up to 90kg
Sleep System Over 90kg
Protector n/a


Material & Style

  • Sculpted foam inserts
  • Tencel® fabric protector

How SnoreBeGone® works

  • Supporting the entire body not just shoulders and neck
  • Ergonomic design to maintain correct posture of spine and shoulders
  • Design encourages side sleeping and prevents sleeping on one’s back
  • The weight of the body holds the Sleep Positioning System in place, while allowing a left or right lateral position for sleep
  • Recess channel provides space for shoulder and arm to rest stress-free
  • Detachable and adjustable headrest ensures optimal comfort
  • Detachable armrests ensure arms can lay flat and relaxed (for added comfort when extending the arm)


  • 3 years against manufacturing defects provided the Protect·A·Bed® Tencel® protector is fitted on the system at all times


  • Do not wash any sections of foam. Main fabric cover can be hand washed or light machine washed, and ironed on low-to-medium heat
  • Protect·A·Bed® Tencel® system protector can be unzipped and removed for warm machine wash and line or tumble dried on a warm temperature setting
  • Protect·A·Bed® Tencel® protector supplied with SnoreBeGone® prevents perspiration and any accidental spills from staining the main fabric cover and the integrity of the foam. It should be fitted on the SnoreBeGone® Sleep Positioning System at all times

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