Furniture protection and storage, odour and allergen reduction around the home

Accidents can happen all around the home, not just in the bedroom.
So Protect·A·Bed® has thought of a few extra ways to help you keep your furniture and upholstery clean and protected as well.

Protect-a-Seat® and Protect-a-Pet® are convenient small space protective pads designed for use on upholstery, car interiors or wherever you are concerned about spills, smells or stains.

Pad on sofa   Pad on floor

You’ll also find our specially formulated Odour Eliminator Treatment and Allergy Relief Spray, available only through our retail partners. These products eliminate nasty smells and provide allergy relief around the home, or wherever they are needed.

You will notice the difference in air freshness, fabric and upholstery cleanliness on furniture, carpets and car interiors.

Our products come in a range of fabrics and feature our unique Miracle Membrane® – the ultimate waterproof yet breathable barrier against stains, spills, dust mites and allergens – providing you with a healthy, irritant-free sleep.

Mattress Disposal Bags

Removal and storage of mattresses is made easier with our Storage & Disposal Bag. Such a simple yet useful item to have handy during a house move and spring clean or just to protect and store spare mattresses in the garage.


Protect A Seat<sup>™</sup>

Protect A Seat

ProtectASeat™ is ideal for wheelchairs, car seats or furniture, by placing the protector discreetly on top of your seating area.

Protect A Pet<sup>™</sup>

Protect A Pet

ProtectAPet™ is the ultimate in comfort for your pet, whilst protecting your home, car and your pet’s home.

Mattress Storage or Disposal Bag

Mattress Storage or Disposal Bag

You can use our Storage/Disposal bag when moving to prevent mattress damage from liquids, dirt, moulds or tearing during transport and storage.

Odour Eliminator Treatment

Odour Eliminator Treatment

Protect·A·Bed® Odour Eliminator is a discreet and effective spray-on treatment for bedding and furnishings.

Allergy Relief Spray

Allergy Relief Spray

Protect·A·Bed® Allergy Relief Fabric Treatment helps reduce the allergens caused by harmful bacteria, spores and dust mite allergens.