Storage or Disposal Bag

Quality MarkProtect·A·Bed® products are independently quality tested in Australia by textile technologists David J Heffer & Associates.

Oeko-texProtect·A·Bed® products have been tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Pesticide FreeProtect·A·Bed® products are completely pesticide free.

National Asthma Council of Australia Sensitive ChoiceThis Protect·A·Bed® product has been specially endorsed by the National Asthma Council of Australia as a Sensitive Choice.

Storage or Disposal Mattress Bag

The Storage or Disposal bag is a multifunctional plastic mattress cover by Protect·A·Bed®. You can use our Storage/Disposal bag when moving to prevent mattress damage from liquids, dirt, moulds or tearing during transport and storage. You can also use the mattress bag for those times when you may need to throw away a mattress due to bed bugs or other contamination. With the Protect·A·Bed® Storage or Disposal bag you'll ensure that any existing infestation will remain contained within the mattress and bag, and will not be accidentally deposited to other areas of your home or building during removal.

*It is important to note that throwing away a mattress will not eliminate a bed bug problem. While the bed is the most common place for bed bugs to live and breed, more serious infestations will spread to other areas of the home, and those areas need to be treated as well. Consult a pest professional to find the complete elimination solution for you.

Product features:

  • Extra strength storage or transportation bag
  • Use to dispose of a bed bug infested mattress or bed base
  • Keeps your mattress and bed base clean during transportation or wile in storage
  • Easy to install and available in Single, King Single, Double and Queen, King
  • Made in China